Narrative maps of memorable places

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Every now and again, we happen to discover beautiful places which need to be portrayed in new, different ways. What we do in such cases may be described as if we drew a narrative map of the place making it go back to being memorable. That place might be a 16th century theatre, a monument, a whole city or even an ancient wood. By telling their story in a contemporary, exciting and spectacular way through all the available resources we have, we reinvent their image and make the experience of being there unforgettable.


To be even clearer, we have organized festivals in people’s houses instead of squares – basically we have forayed into the dining rooms of five towns in Irpinia (a region around the Apennine mountains). We have revolutionized the audio guides in a museum in Florence. At the moment we’re also planning to “restage” a whole Palladian theatre and portray it like nobody has ever done before.