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In Italy people don’t read much and write too much. Hands up who doesn’t have a novel, or a collection of short stories or poems in his drawer. But what does it mean to be a professional writer?


The Backstage series, which we have created together with Loescher publishing, tries to answer this question by revealing what happens in the backstage of writing.


We have asked some young Italian writers to write short novels by drawing on some traditional literary masterpieces. Among them some stories draw on Dostoevskiy’s The Gambler, Jane Austen’s Emma, Emily Brönte’s Wuthering Heights, but they all take place in contemporary world. At the end of each book, authors share their secrets and give a lot of good suggestions.


And what about didactic papers, bibliography at the end of each chapter, exercises to delve into the text? We abolished them: they were too boring.


Sotto il Paradiso di Luca Lissoni.Backstage #1

Sotto il Paradiso
by Luca Lissoni.

La fine del mondo di Elena Varvello.Backstage #2

La fine del mondo
by Elena Varvello.

Emm@mourBackstage #3

by Paola Mordiglia.

Il terribile caso di BoneBackstage #4

Il terribile caso di Bone
by Jacopo Masini.

Abbi pure pauraBackstage #5

Abbi pure paura
by Raffaele Riba.

Lontano da quiBackstage #6

Lontano da qui
by Benedetta Gargano.