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Political campaigns, flash mobs, videogames, companies’ social profiles, art exhibition launches, new Apps. That’s what College Digital is about. A place where stories, which travel along the most diverse communication highways, are created. College Digital is also the only College where stories aren’t written for people but with people, where writers and readers work together and share experieces. That’s the revolutionary core to digital storytelling; seeing a new story come out and being part of it at the same time, living it in real time.



Here below you can see some students presenting their projects in the General Store, in 2015. You’ll find out that they developed their ideas in a great number of forms: from classic journalism to videogames. And this is the fascinating spirit of transmedia storytelling.





Michel Reilhac


Michel Reilhac


Who is he?
Michel Reilhac is a writer, a documentary director and a trans-media storyteller. This means he likes telling stories in an interactive way while mixing different experiences, real events and digital platforms together.


How did he begin?
In 2002 he presented The Good Old Naughty Days (Polissons et Galipettes), his first film as a film director and producer, at the Cannes Film Festival.


Three things he has done
He has been the director of the TV network Arte France Cinéma since 2002. In 2012 he was nominated “man of the year in cinema” by French magazine Le Film Français. He also produced Lars von Trier’s films Melancholia and Antichrist.


The strangest thing you notice when you meet him
His asymmetric glasses with one round lens and a square one. Where on earth did he find them? He tells you all about it here.


Where to find out more about him
Go on his website or follow him on Twitter @michelreilhac, Facebook or Instagram.


Here’s a list of people who dropped by College Digital during the last school years: Alessandro Garofalo, Manuela Cacciamani, Max Giovagnoli, Davide Bartolucci, Emmanuel Guardiola, Simone Arcagni, Giuseppe Mazza, Tito Faraci, Luca Morena.




The Future Is Now: The Age of VR Has Begun – Michel Reilhac in streaming


Sometimes we upload the lessons of great storytellers or special events with professionals coming from the most diverse worlds and experiences. On 18th October, the first day of Holden Start, whoever will be able to attend the lesson of Michel Reilhac, Master of the College Digital, thanks to our free live broadcasting platform designed by TIM, our technological partner.

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Classi-fy Gift Box: you can’t go wrong





Buying a nice present is mostly a question of tastes, those of the person the present is for, which are often difficult to guess, and ours that may be very different from the receiver’s. And this leads us to the “renowned” panic attack scenes in the shops like “Are they going to like it?” “But then again, am I really sure they’re going to use it?” “Is it better in red or blue?” “Do they really need it?”

With Classi-fy Gift Box you can’t go wrong!

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David Bowie. A playlist


Three days ago we celebrated David Bowie’s birthday by listening to his new album ★ Blackstar.

Today is a horrible Monday. David Bowie was much more than just a musician.

He has left us with a feeling of emptiness which we’ll be filling in with his songs.


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