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Writing, Film Making & Everything in Between

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You like to travel and you desperately want to become a storyteller? You love writing short stories but wouldn’t mind directing your first feature film? You want to attend a program designed entirely in English, partly in Turin and partly from home?

This is your College, then. Storytelling – a place where all the lessons are taught in English, the teachers come from all over the world, and you will find yourself experimenting with different kinds of narrative techniques. Fiction, nonfiction, drama, screenwriting, editing, and much more.


Every year, more than a hundred professionals – chosen among the ones we admire for their talent, dedication and innovative strength – come to Turin to share their experience. Our goal is to shape a new world-wise generation of storytellers by exposing our students to a plurality of references and insights. Through cross-fertilization, in a way.


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This brand new program, with a main focus on writing and filmmaking, incorporates a lot of digital innovations such as virtual classes and online lectures. It follows a unique timeline over the course of two years – a timeline, that is, that allows students from outside the EU to enter Italy without too many bureaucratic hassles.

This College is open to Italian students as well. They can attend the lessons in English, coming to Scuola Holden during the first and third trimester, and connecting from home during the second one.


Here is the timeline for the two classes of Storytelling (first and second year programs) in 2016-2017:



First trimester, in Turin: 11 October – 21 December 2016

Second trimester, connected from home: January – March 2017

Third trimester, back in Turin: 27 March – 23 June 2017




First trimester, in Turin: 3 October – 16 December 2016

Second trimester, connected from home: January – March 2017

Third trimester, back in Turin: 20 March – 10 June 2017






Stephen Amidon

Who is he?
He’s an American writer and critic.


How did he begin?
He moved to London, UK, in 1987, where he was given his first job as a critic for The Literary Review. He sold his first work of fiction in 1989, when the short story Echolocation was chosen for inclusion in the Bloomsbury anthology Soho Square II.


What has he written?
He has written essays, tales and novels like The Human Capital which was chosen by Jonathan Yardley of The Washington Post as one of the five best novels of 2004. A film adaptation of the novel, directed by Paolo Virzì, won best film at the 2014 David di Donatello and Globi d’Oro awards and it was chosen to represent Italy at the 2015 Academy Awards. His last novel is The Real Justine.


Another thing he has done

He created and wrote the serial drama 6Bianca together with a group of Holden graduates. The six episodes of the drama were produced by Scuola Holden and Teatro Stabile di Torino.


The last thing he has done

He was co-screenwriter of The Leisure Seeker, the next Paolo Virzi’s movie. Plans are for cameras to start rolling in July in the U.S. Helen Mirren and Donald Sutherland will play the main roles.


How to find out more about him
Follow him on Facebook, or visit his website.





The Future Is Now: The Age of VR Has Begun – Michel Reilhac in streaming


Sometimes we upload the lessons of great storytellers or special events with professionals coming from the most diverse worlds and experiences. On 18th October, the first day of Holden Start, whoever will be able to attend the lesson of Michel Reilhac, Master of the College Digital, thanks to our free live broadcasting platform designed by TIM, our technological partner.

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Classi-fy Gift Box: you can’t go wrong





Buying a nice present is mostly a question of tastes, those of the person the present is for, which are often difficult to guess, and ours that may be very different from the receiver’s. And this leads us to the “renowned” panic attack scenes in the shops like “Are they going to like it?” “But then again, am I really sure they’re going to use it?” “Is it better in red or blue?” “Do they really need it?”

With Classi-fy Gift Box you can’t go wrong!

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David Bowie. A playlist


Three days ago we celebrated David Bowie’s birthday by listening to his new album ★ Blackstar.

Today is a horrible Monday. David Bowie was much more than just a musician.

He has left us with a feeling of emptiness which we’ll be filling in with his songs.


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