Corporate Storytelling

Scuola Holden courses designed for companies

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Can stories transform and improve the expertise and development of services and products of a company? We believe so. We think that not only can learning how to tell stories improve a person’s life, but also the quality of their work in a company. For this purpose, Scuola Holden has thought of five different tailor-made studying paths for you.


What should you expect?


To begin with, co-planning: you tell us where you want to go and then, together, we decide how to get there.


Flexibility: we’re not dictators, we’re always listening to what you need and planning contents and the duration of the work together with you.


Limited groups: our meetings are designed for 15 people at the most.


Clarity: we analyse a lot of case histories to explain what we’re talking about. We’d never want to see you with that empty look in your eyes as if you are lost in space.


No yawning in class: we only study theory for 50% of the time. As for the rest, you’ll get involved in practical activities. So you’d better wear comfortable shoes, you never know.


Where are we meeting up?
Scuola Holden is in Turin. You can come to us to follow your studying path. We’ll be happy to show you around so you get a closer look at the school and find out about what we do. Otherwise, we’re willing to come to you.


Who do you have to contact?

Samantha Tozzi:

tel. +39 011 6632812