External Courses

All over Italy. In Feltrinelli bookstores or Eataly shops (and not only)

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At Scuola Holden, we don’t like being idle for too long. We like trying on new clothes, trying new ideas, flavours, passions or haircuts. We like changing landscapes and directions, being surprised by people and turning corners with unexpected surprises.


We often catch trains, ferries or planes looking for new places to discover new stories and people who love telling them. Usually you’ll find us in Feltrinelli bookstores or Eataly shops, but not only.


What we carry in our bags while travelling is courses and activities tailor-made for our hosts. Whether it is for months or just for a weekend, or whether it is about writing a horror story or a fairy tale, we are well equipped, well at least to confront a local audience (these courses are all in Italian).