Fees and Scholarships

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10 scholarships assigned over a maximum of 20

40 students' loans assigned on 40

The fee includes:


  • all the didactic activities, the meetings with authors and the special events organized by the school. Some examples. The national premiere of a film, the recording of a TV programme, concerts, theatre shows and parties;
  • a tutor. His job is to look after your stories;
  • the use of professional audio and video equipment of the school for students’ creative projects;
  • the 5,000 volumes and 200 DVDs of Biblioteca Holden, the school library, (it’s a loan of course); and also the volumes and DVDs of all the Biblioteche civiche torinesi (the public libraries in town);
  • access to MLOL – Media Library On Line – archives for digital lending of books, music, photos and films;
  • wi-fi, of course;
  • insurance liability;
  • the whole Caserma Cavalli. For two years, besides attending classes, students can use the school to play, read, organize film forums and be with friends… In other words, to live Scuola Holden as a second home where they can do whatever they want… Well, sort of, apart from staying over for the night of course.





Scuola Holden costs 10,000 euros per year.

But if you sign up for College Storytelling, you will pay 8,000 euros per year (that’s a particular College: we explain everything here).




In 2017-2019 Scuola Holden provides 20 4,000-euros scholarships (2,000 euros for the first school year and 2,000 euros for the second one).

Scholarships are awarded to students on the basis of academic merit evaluated in the entry test.


Student Loans


Loans are not available to international students nor to Italian students who sign up for College Storytelling.

How to pay


0. All of the students have to deposit 2,000 euros when they sign up for school. Then, they can choose one of the following ways to pay the fee:


1. Payment by instalments. You can split the fee into instalments. Deadlines will vary depending on when you do the entry test (you’ll be given all the relative information by the Administration).


2. Payment “all at once”. You pay the whole first year fee (and then the second one, a year later) all at once.

If you do the entry test between March and May you get a 5% discount (on both the first and the second year of the course).

PLEASE NOTE: if you sign up for College Storytelling, you will not get this discount.


3. You got a scholarship. Well done! That means that you will pay 2,000 euros less for both the first and the second years.



You can write to us at this e-mail: lucia.gaiotto@scuolaholden.it.

We will immediately get back to you.