About Holden Over 30

(IT) Pettegolezzi di corridoio e altri cinguettii

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Holden Over 30 is the place for you if, after having passed a lifetime among numbers, you think you are owed some words now.
If you are looking for a starting point to once more take up the dreams you’d locked away and, above all, if you don’t want to lock away any more dreams.
This is what people that have followed it think of Holden Over 30.


I got even with my silent stories. The bell never rings here. You only find out that your lesson finishes, or the next room’s one finishes, from the students’ applause. And yet they call it a school, like the other one.
Maria Elena, Nielsen surveyor


I enrolled in Holden Over 30 because I wanted to undergo an experience that broadened my horizons, I wanted to meet new people, confront myself with new topics, test myself with a different type of writing (for years I have written natural science texts for images). It satisfied my expectations.
Gemma, tv producer


Scuola Holden is a place where the professors play guitar in the classroom.


Why Holden Over 30? Because I’m over 30. But I want to be a writer that lives in Brooklyn.


It’s a little going back to high school, but without the graffiti.