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You’re definitely asking yourself questions and we like staying ahead of the game. So here you’re going to find some answers.


Did we forget something? Email lucia.gaiotto@scuolaholden.it. We will answer you right away.


And then we know you parents are reading these pages too and you’re curious to find out more. Here below there are answers for you too. If we haven’t done well getting them all right, you can always email us. We’ll answer as soon as possible.


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Students’ FAQs


I’m seventeen, can I sign up?

Unfortunately you can’t. Scuola Holden selects students aged between 18 and 30. But all is not lost. If you’re from Turin or you can manage to come over at the weekend, you can sign up for Palestra Holden (Holden Gym). If you’re too far or too lazy, with online courses Classi-fy you can do writing classes or screenwriting classes straight from your sofa. Or you can watch our YouTube channel.


I’m thirty-seven, can I sign up?

Right, well… actually no. But Scuola Holden also exists for over thirty-year-olds. Try here.


Do I have to have a diploma or a university degree to sign up for Scuola Holden?

No, it isn’t necessary.


I’m a foreigner. Is there a place for me too?

Definitely! If you are admitted we’ll send you all of the information to deal with the necessary bureaucracy to come to Italy and sign up for school. Plus in the first days of school there is an intensive Italian course you can attend. Scuola Holden style, naturally.


I’m Italian and I’d like to sign up for College Storytelling. Can I?

Yes, absolutely! Just consider that lessons are all in English and you’re going to have to be in Turin from October to December and then from April to June. For the rest of the time you’ll study from home during online sessions.


Is English that important?

Yes. You can’t not know the language nowadays, especially if you want to work in storytelling. That’s why there are classes in English in all Colleges. It’s not that we’re being ruthless. It’s just a lot of teachers aren’t Italian.


I want to study at Scuola Holden but I’m still studying at university. Can I sign up anyway?

Yes, if you’re hardcore. There are students who attend Scuola Holden while they’re doing their last exams or writing their thesis. It’s all about being well-organized and maybe giving up going out a bit, because it’s not a good idea to be absent from too many classes.


Why? Is attendance mandatory?

Yes. If you want to go onto the second year and then access Opening Doors, you have to attend at least 70% of the classes. It’s going to be two intensive years.


How many hours of lessons are there a day?

Well, it depends. There will be weeks when you’ll have classes every day and shows or concerts in the evening you may want to go to. Other weeks instead, you’ll come to school to work with your classmates or just because you feel like it. Scuola Holden will become a bit like your second home.


Does Scuola Holden have student dormitories like American colleges?

No. Alright, we did say that Scuola Holden will be like your second home but let’s not push it too far!


So are you going to help me find a place to live in Turin?

Yes. That, we can do. Email Alessia, she’ll give you all the information you need. It may be helpful to find a pied-à-terre while you’re still looking for a more permanent solution or for when you come over to Turin for the entry test.


I come from Timbuktu and it is my first time living on my own. Am I going to get by?

What a silly question; of course you are! First of all, you’re not going to be on your own. Your classmates and we are going to be there for you. Not only the “fledglings” like you but also the students from the second year who will have lots of tips to give you. Then it’s quite easy to find your bearings around Turin, in all senses. (To mention one thing, the road layout is gridiron. And if there’s something the Piedmontese can do, it is order organise city roads).


When does school start?

18 October 2018.


When does it end?

What? You haven’t even started yet and you’re already tired?! Alright, let’s say that classes end around June but every College has its own calendar.


Is there a final exam to graduate?

No, there isn’t a single exam but there will be times when you are put to the test or you’ll have to present a project. Put it this way; the two years of school are a long assessment ending with Opening Doors.


Hold on a minute. What’s Opening Doors?

It’s the three days at the end of the two school years when all the new graduates have the opportunity to present their best project to an audience of specialists. Each student has a few minutes to convince these specialists that they and their ideas are worth betting on. It’s that kind of thing that, in a few moments, can change your life forever.


What do you mean by “specialists”?

Film directors, film and theatrical producers, publishers, agents, enterpreneurs, festival directors and organizers of cultural events. Let’s say that, if everything goes well, your future employer might be there among these people.


Are there any scholarships?

Yes and that’s not it. You can also apply for a loan if you’re an Italian student and you’re not enrolled in College Storytelling. All you need to know about it is explained here.


How much do I have to pay?

You find everything here.


Is there an entry test?

Yes. It’s the second move you have to make to sign up for Scuola Holden. The first one is filling the Application Form for foreign students (or Italian students living abroad).


Alright, there’s a test but what do I have to study to prepare it?

Nothing. You don’t have to be a brainiac to pass the test. We’re not going to ask you about the Seven Kings of Rome or the second law of thermodynamics (even though it’s always good to know about these things without looking them up on Wikipedia). Remember though, for us it counts more if you have travelled across the Balkans via Interrail than if you graduated from high school with the highest mark. If you have always read books and comics, seen films at the cinema or watched lots of TV series, if you are into social networks and, all in all, the world around you makes you curious and thrilled, you’ll be fine.


Do I have to come over to Turin to do the test?

No. If you’re a foreigner or you’re Italian but live abroad you can do it online.


Is there an oral interview in addition to the test?

Yes, we’ll fix a Skype call to say hi and to get to know each other better; you can also ask us as many questions you want. We’ll to try to clear up all your doubts.


How does assessment work?

Fill in the Application Form online: when we receive it, we are going to send you the test. You’ll have to complete seven different tests, one for each College. You will have ten days to complete it and send it back to us. You’ll have to pass four tests on a total of seven to be admitted; you’ll have to get straight A’s in four tests to win a scholarship.


I didn’t pass the test. Can I do it again?

Unfortunately you can’t. Or at least not immediately; you’ll have to wait until the following year.


When am I going to find out if I’ve passed the test?

A week after you do it. As you remember, there is a test for every College. If you get at least a C in the corresponding test, you can enrol in that College. If you don’t get any D’s, you can enrol anywhere. Remember that the College designed for foreign students is Storytelling. However, you could also choose another College if you speak Italian perfectly. Then you’ll have another week to decide whether to sign up for Scuola Holden or not.