Fronte del Borgo

Get aboard our galleon and set out into the world of stories!

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Fronte del Borgo. What is it?


It is a robust colourful box of wonders. It is a wide open door to the area of Borgo Dora and the whole city beyond for everybody. It is the way into the Scuola Holden Library and the means of exchanging information with the people in the area. It is the information point of the sports centre Polisportiva and a free meeting space for whoever needs it. Fronte del Borgo offers free Wi-Fi, armchairs, a chance to play pool and a mailbox service (!).

It even offers coffee.

But…not only.


Ever heard of 826 Valencia, taken into San Francisco (and beyond) by Dave Eggers? What about Fighting Words, founded by Roddy Doyle in Dublin? Or Ministry of Stories, founded by Nick Hornby in London?

These are non-profit organisations with two aims. First, making children and teenagers understand that reading and writing stories is amazing. Especially if we are talking about children and teenagers who believe reading and writing is as boring as hell. Second, helping teachers to convey enthusiasm.


Well, that is exactly what we want to happen at Fronte del Borgo. We want it to be a place to discover the beauty of stories and teach as many children and teenagers as possible to write their own ones.


By what means?

We are convinced that mastering words is a fundamental tool for the future of each one of us, a necessary resource to get good marks at school but also to make good decisions in life.

Therefore, we teach teenagers the creative process that is the basis of all possible stories, especially their own story. Because we want to help them find their voice.


What we do and what we are going to do

At the moment, we are offering free writing training to schools in Turin, from elementary to high schools. If you want to have a browse at the 2017-2018 programme, click here!


We also have classes for teachers, parents and educators. That is Scuola con la Q (School with a Q), a course in which it is the teachers’ turn to go back to sitting behind a desk and to have fun writing stories.

For families who want to fool around and read with us, we organise a Merenda Selvaggia (Wild Tea Break) and the workshop La Magia delle Storie (The Magic of Stories) by actor Bombetta, one weekend a month. On our agenda, we also have after-school activities for elementary school children, an Italian course for foreigners, a reading club and writing training for teenagers.


Our sponsor, BMW, were the first ones to believe in this project. They share our goals and, thanks to their help, we are able to organise nearly all of the activities we offer for free.

And that’s not all. We also have an army of volunteer tutors, students from Scuola Holden (past, current and future) who give the cause an hour of their own time a month (or sometimes just come to Fronte del Borgo to talk about their last book, an exhibition they have worked in or the project they are most proud of).


What is more, at the moment we are collecting stories invented by the teenagers who drop by Fronte del Borgo. We are going to publish them online, on a dedicated website, or on paper, because we would like to create a “library” of their stories in a place tailored to them.


We do all this with a playful attitude, of course. Quoting a famous psychologist, “we are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves or more deeply engrossed in anything, than when we are at play”.

You can believe your eyes:





FarWaste have revolutionised our spaces. Come and see what we have become. The outcome is even more beautiful.



We are open to the public on Monday, Wednesday and Friday,

from 3 pm to 7 pm


And the rest of the time? We either have classes, or we’re planning new activities. If you want to contact us, send an email to or call +39 011 6632812.


Would you like to visit Scuola Holden? Write to



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