Fuoripista (Off Track)

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You’re in College Scrivere and you’re learning to use a 3D printer? You’re attending Digital storytelling and they’re teaching you to read out loud?

Don’t worry, you didn’t get the wrong room, you’re at a “Fuoripista”!

Fuoripista courses take you to unexpected directions, out of the reassuring world of your College. They help you see further (plus you need to do some hard work too). So, get your backpack on and keep your eyes open!


Going Fuoripista isn’t optional. It’s an important part of your studying path and a long-standing landmark of the school. You are going to go off track with your classmates otherwise you might get lost, and you’re also going meet some new people there. So take the chance to chat!


Fuoripista courses can be Sources, Horizons or Landmarks.

In short, a Source is the first class of a single-subject course that you’ll never really do, Horizons are overall views, forward-looking ways to learn how to turn a simple good idea into a successful itinerary and Landmarks are classes where you get direction to find out about new paths and how to reach to the top.


If you want to get an idea of what to expect, here are some examples of lessons from last year.:



  • Nicola Campogrande, Storia della musica classica in un giorno (History of Classical Music in a Day)
  • Francesco Zanot, Storia della fotografia in un giorno (History of Photography in a Day)
  • Enrico Pasini, Evoluzionismo (Evolutionism)
  • Luca Mercalli, Clima (The Weather)
  • Andrea De Benedetti, La situazione è grammatica (Gramatic drammar)



  • Orti Alti (Farm your Rooftop), Come si progetta un orto (How to Plan a Vegetable Garden)
  • Massimo Camasso, Come si costruisce un castello di sabbia (How to Build a Sand Castle)
  • Sergio Ferrentino, Come si scrive un radiodramma (How to Write a Radio Drama)
  • Simone Lenzi, Come si scrive una canzone (How to Write a Song)
  • Alessandro Gottardo, Come si illustra una copertina (How to Illustrate a Front Cover)



  • Stefano Milano, Divulgazione scientifica (Popular Science)
  • Memories of Vagina, Dal blog a Cosmopolitan (From Blogs to Cosmopolitan)
  • Vins Gallico, Le librerie indipendenti (Indipendent Book Shops)
  • Sarah Cosulich Cannarutto, Il circuito dell’arte (The Art Network)
  • Chiara Laudani, La serialità in Italia (Seriality in Italy)