Gettoni (Tokens)

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Filming documentaries, writing comics series, inventing innovative reports on sustainability, making short films for advertising campaigns, imagining new radio formats. These are just some examples of what you may be doing.

Gettoni are different every year but they always give great opportunities to grow and meet with real possible customers.

Who have we collaborated with? Rai Cinema, Giorgio Armani, IKEA, TIM, Radio Deejay, just to mention a few …


Oh right, something important; what matters here is merit.

In fact, the number of Gettoni available is limited and each time students are selected following a contest where the best idea is awarded a Gettone. In other words, they are going to have to roll up their sleeves to get one!


So, our students confront themselves with the job market along the two school years and then, during Opening Dooors, they will present their final projects to a panel of producers and decision makers.

Last but not least, Talent Hub area of Holden Factory will give contacts of our best students to the companies that are looking for coworkers.


Good luck!