Telling stories to change your Company

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For over 20 years, Scuola Holden has been working with all kinds of professionals: film directors, writers, editors, journalists, screenwriters, TV writers and digital strategists. They’ve been teaching what doing their job means and have cooperated in lots of the school’s projects. There won’t be any other place where you can find a stable of such talents available for your company.


So if you’re up for sharing some of your travel plans with them and with us, you can choose from three ways.


There are Corporate Storytelling – our courses that specialise in training for companies, Produzioni (Productions) – where we create individually customer-tailored projects together with you, or you can become our Strategic Partners.

Plus, we can put you into contact with our students. We graduate 170 of them every year and they always have some rather surprising ideas on the world and how to recount it.

So if you’re looking for young talents, get in touch with our Talent Hub.


You’ll find out what we mean when we say that Scuola Holden is not just a school.