Holden Green

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Scuola Holden was born in Turin in 1994: at that time, it was a small school, it had three rooms and a hall for 100 people in a liberty building close to the Valentino Park.
On the 8th of October 2013 we grew up: we moved to the more than 4,000 squared meters ex Caserma Cavalli, an old military arsenal that, thanks to the municipality, we can hold for 30 years, with a unique collaboration between public and private.
The whole Caserma Cavalli has been renewed according to eco-sustainable standards, and it is among our objectives to use our resources in an ethical and responsible way.
It’s not that we thought of doing weird things: we just changed some old habits and some simple details, starting from lightbulbs (that, by the way, we don’t have).
Led lights with sensors enlighten offices and rooms: if someone is in that room they turn on, otherwise they remain shut.
We don’t print anything if not strictly necessary, so that we managed to reduce by 20% paper consumption; we make separate collection and in our vending machines you can only find high quality food and Fair Trade products.
We don’t use plastic bottles: we drink tap water and we all have canteens. Besides, we adopted the Toret (a typical Turin fountain) that is located at the corner between Mameli road and Vittorio Andreis road, right behind Scuola Holden.
Both the students and the team, they do sport followed by a coach of Preparazione fisica education, and we almost all come to School by bus, by train, on foot, or biking. For those who cannot give up the car, we made a deal with Car Sharing Torino (better known as “IoGuido”) to get favourable subscriptions.
In June 2014 we signed an agreement with the Fondazione Torino Smart City and the City of Turin, in which we engaged in collaborating to test and spread the so-called “sustainable educational practices” (to put short: to learn not to waste water, to eat healthy, and to move without necessarily taking the car).
We also adhered to the Program for the evaluation of the environmental impact of the Ministry of Environment, therefore our Carbon Foot Print will be calculated, so to say: how much greenhouse gases do we produce (and so: how much do we pollute)?
Every year we participate to M’Illumino di Meno, the world energy conservation day created by Caterpillar, Radio 2 Rai.
We turn all the lights off for 5 minutes and we stay in the darkness: a very simple gesture.

However, big changes, sometimes, start like this.