Holden Start

It’s a bit like our New Year’s Day

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What’s Holden Start?

Students who start Scuola Holden stay in General Store for the first weeks of school (well, within class times of course, otherwise they can go wherever they want). They’re going to find themselves in front of a whole bunch of great Masters, one after the other, all coming from the most diverse worlds and experiences.

Film directors, writers, journalists, football coaches, rockstars. (If you’re thinking about Bruce Springsteen or someone like that… well you’re quite close. Ok, perhaps it won’t be him in person, don’t get obsessed now!)

For students it’ll be just like browsing through the pages of a walking encyclopedia. They’ll get an opportunity to meet a number of great professionals, the best one can find when it comes to cinema, theatre, music, digital storytelling, TV, radio, journalism and photography, who will teach them everything they know and explain what doing their job means.

Why do we do this?
Because we want to give students an idea of what becoming a storyteller means today from the very first day of school. And also because we always hope to arouse unexpected passions.

In 2018 Holden Start begins on October 18th and it will end on the 31st.
Here’s the timetable: enjoy!


Here’s also a list of some of the people who dropped by General Store in the last years. You can also watch some lessons clicking the highlighted names.

Zerocalcare, Guido Catalano, Colson Whitehead, Ahmed El Attar, Evgeny Morozov, Christian Greco, Erica Jong, Alice Rohrwacher, Steve McCurry, Nicolò Gallio, Stefano Turconi e Teresa Radice, Dario Brunori (a.k.a. Brunori Sas), Antonio Piazza e Fabio Grassadonia, Andrew Wylie, Akhil Sharma, Alison Norrington, Michel Reilhac, Daniele Gaglianone, Nicola Lagioia, Davide Enia, Leila Guerriero, Donald Antrim, Tommaso Pincio, Roberto Recchioni, Naomi Alderman, Walter Veltroni, Sandro Veronesi, Stephen Amidon, Philip Gourevitch, Giorgio Diritti, Andrea Zalone, Stefano Sardo, Roberto Saviano, Ivan Cotroneo, Richard Kwietniowski, Federico BuffaCristiano Cavina, Saverio Raimondo, Luca Bottura, Giorgio Vasta, Marco Damilano, Don DeLillo, Peter Ansorge, Han Kang, Francesco Costa, Francesco Piccolo, Elena Stancanelli, Corrado Formigli, Evelina Santangelo.