Holden Over 30

Scuola Holden for over 30-year-olds

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What’s Holden Over 30?


Holden Over 30 is Scuola Holden for over 30-year-olds who’ve always been into storytelling. It’s an 8-weekend journey along the rails of storytelling to put oneself to the test while being guided by writers, film directors, screenwriters, digital strategists and story editors. They all work in storytelling so they’ll know how to lead you towards the right directions to find your own way.


Holden Over 30 is a high-quality training course for passionate and creative future professionals and all those who want to put themselves into play and learn how to tell stories. It’s just the place for you if, after spending ages crunching numbers, now you think you deserve a bit of time with words. Or if you want to have the right tools to improve your job. Or if you have stories that have been lying abandoned in a drawer for ages and want to get back on them. But mostly if you have run out of drawers to lock them in.


Holden Over 30 has two Colleges; Storytelling – Learning how to portray yourself, your job and the world and Scrivere – Short Stories, Novels & Everything else. Students can choose which College to make their journey along while signing up.

The Masters of 2017 courses are Giuseppe Mazza and Pietro Grossi for College Storytelling, and Giorgio Vasta for College Scrivere.


Sometimes there will be small “derailments from the original College path”. They’re Fuoripista courses, extra opportunities to lean out onto the unpredictable panoramas of storytelling. Because if you discover landscapes you like, sooner or later you’ll definitely go back there to find out more.


Registrations are open for the new enrollment campaign: lessons will start on March 2017.

Classes are in Turin and they’re only in Italian.


Click here to download the 2016 edition leaflet.

The Future Is Now: The Age of VR Has Begun – Michel Reilhac in streaming


Sometimes we upload the lessons of great storytellers or special events with professionals coming from the most diverse worlds and experiences. On 18th October, the first day of Holden Start, whoever will be able to attend the lesson of Michel Reilhac, Master of the College Digital, thanks to our free live broadcasting platform designed by TIM, our technological partner.

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Classi-fy Gift Box: you can’t go wrong





Buying a nice present is mostly a question of tastes, those of the person the present is for, which are often difficult to guess, and ours that may be very different from the receiver’s. And this leads us to the “renowned” panic attack scenes in the shops like “Are they going to like it?” “But then again, am I really sure they’re going to use it?” “Is it better in red or blue?” “Do they really need it?”

With Classi-fy Gift Box you can’t go wrong!

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David Bowie. A playlist


Three days ago we celebrated David Bowie’s birthday by listening to his new album ★ Blackstar.

Today is a horrible Monday. David Bowie was much more than just a musician.

He has left us with a feeling of emptiness which we’ll be filling in with his songs.


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