Work with Us

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Scuola Holden rests on a few, simple principles. For example, we really believe that working in the school without having fun could never be possible. We would never manage to do what we do if we didn’t get amazed or if we weren’t curious and a bit crazy. Alright, maybe sometimes we do things in strange ways but definitely we never get boring or repetitive and we never follow schemes that have become atrophied throughout time.

That’s why we like to change often and we have been working with all kinds of professionals for over twenty years (and, apart from on very few occasions, never with the same ones for more than a couple of years).

This continuous search is what makes us stay alive, alert and keep up with the world.

So, if you have any suggestions or brilliant ideas for courses, workshops or didactic revolutions, or if you want to work in the “backstage” of the school, fill in this form.

At the moment we have a complete staff but as they say, there’s no harm in trying.