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Whoever wants to discover new cities needs to be avidly curious. They also have to have a bit of spirit of initiative, a strong stomach, a slight amount of pure recklessness (which, actually, never hurts in life) and all their senses continuously on alert.

Here are some suggestions on how to get about in Turin; just a couple of fundamental things so you won’t feel lost. The rest you’ll find out along the way. Some things will just become yours such as: some corners of the city where you met somebody special, a certain wisp of light in front of your window or that time you found out about tamango (a local drink). So have a nice journey!


Co-housing or a student residence? A B&B or an apartment complex? Are you looking for a place to live in Turin? Do you need a place to stay for a few days? Email Alessia or ask them:
StessoPiano – co-housing project
The idea is really simple. It’s about putting property owners into contact with people looking for a place to live or to share.
Luoghi Comuni Porta Palazzo – social housing project
It’s not just about places to live. It’s a whole world to live together, located in a historical area of Turin right across the road from the school.
Ospiteria del Sermig – Youth Missionary Service – lodging
They are our next door neighbours. They have guest a hostel, a canteen and a kindergarten.
Hotel San Giors
A historical hotel and restaurant in Borgo Dora (the area of Turin were the school is), a rendez-vous for poets, musicians and all other kinds of artists. Students of Scuola Holden get 15% off rooms and the restaurant.


You have no more excuses to stay at home! You like cycling or maybe you prefer Lisbon Story style trams? You can’t live without a car? Here’s all you need to know to get about the city quickly, easily and at affordable prices while being environmentally friendly.
A thousand bike stations to pick up and drop off bikes in town. Look for the closest station to you!
GTT – Turin’s public transportation company
What time does the underground shut? How can you avoid ZTL (Traffic Controlled Zone)? How much does it cost to take the lift up to the top of the Mole Antonelliana (the symbolic building of Turin)? You find all of these things here.
IoGuido, Car2Go and Enjoy – car sharing services
Driving without having to put up with the inconveniences of having a car.


We know that our students are always hungry for music, books and films. Here’s a couple of tricks to keep up your sleeves while hunting for stories. Enjoy!

CartaPiù Feltrinelli – publishing house Feltrinelli customer card
It’s free if you’re a student of Scuola Holden! So you’ll be able to bring home words, music and films at discounted prices.
Aiace Card – Italian Association of Friends of the Art Cinema membership card
Students from Scuola Holden can get it reduced for just 8 euros. Going to the cinema will be cheaper than having aperitivo.

Tosca – Torino Show Card

Discounts for cinema, theatre, festivals and parks. What more could you want?

il Circolo dei lettori – Turin’s readers club

It’s a bit like the parlour of Turin. It hosts meetings with writers, amazing aperitivi and reading groups and it has lots of mirrors, marble and velvet. But don’t get too impressed, you can definitely go there in your jeans and trainers!

Abbonamento Musei Torino Piemonte – annual subscription for museums in Turin and Piedmont
A ticket to access museums 365 days a year.

Zero Torino – lifestyle and event magazine
It tells you about all the best concerts, exhibitions, bars, restaurants, shows and parties in town every month. You find it online or in clubs around town for free.

MEF – Museo Ettore Fico (contemporary art museum)
It’s in in via Cigna 114, basically a stone’s throw away from the school. Go have a look, if you get a chance. It’s worth it!

Spazio 211 and Blah Blah
Two of those venues we always like. They’re small and dark. They have a stage that is very close to the dance floor and the right line-up. (But if you go, be aware it’s going to be as hot as hell inside.)
Fondazione TPE – Season 2016/2017
Holden students have a special discount: you will pay only 10 euros, but remember to show your badge when you buy the ticket.

Santa Cultura in Vincoli – Season 2016/2017

You can pay only 5 euros if you show the school badge and if you reserve your ticket one day before.

Teatro Stabile di Torino

You have discounts for the 2016/2017 season: enjoy it!
Bookshop Il Ponte sulla Dora
You have a 10% discount on books, and they often organise meetings with the authors and activities.


CDC Torino and LARC Poliambulatori – medical clinics
If you have a toothache or have to have a blood test and you don’t know where to go, try going there. They have special arrangements with the National Health Service.
Base Running and Pizzolato Strunmer – running clubs
If you like running and would like to do it with others. Careful though, when it comes to running they get serious!