Opening Doors

150 talents, 3 days of pitching

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From 6th to 8th June 2018 Scuola Holden presented the newgraduates to the public and to companies.


Our students first spend two years testing themselves and their potential taking different routes: Colleges. After they finish studying, they become fresh, surprising and unpredictable storytellers, writers, film directors, reporters, screenwriters or serial or cross-medial writers. That is the time when they’re ready to tell the world about their projects. Because it’s when people confront themselves with the job market that professionals are created and, in some cases, even invented.


Opening Doors is the moment when this confrontation happens.

Three days to listen to the pitches of creative young people, who are taking their first steps as professionals, to get to know them and to plan the future together.



Here below you can see the video we shot in 2016.

Here, instead, you can have a look at the Super Album of the 2017 edition!


If you don’t feel embarassed to cry in public, here you can find the complete album of 2018 edition.





Opening Doors is reserved for professionals and you must be accredited to take part.

Send us an email to get more information, we will answer you as soon as possibile: