Studying Paths

Scuola Holden for companies, in five moves

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1. What’s storytelling and what does it have to do with business?


Workshops and studying paths to find out about the basic rules of storytelling applied to companies. Starting from Homer, passing through Keats, Hemingway and Coleridge, we’re going to get to look at Steve Jobs or Nike from a different angle.

We’re going to learn that the rules for a good story can also make a speech work or that they’re necessary to form a working team, to give feedback during a meeting or to present a product. Storytelling is paths of detailed in-depth analysis into leadership areas, engagement, corporate internal communication, change management and presentations.

Courses are also available in English.


2. Writing Care.

Learning how to write, to live (and work) better.


Writing, in other words taking care of words. That’s not just a question of form, if we give heed to Flaubert’s words, “Writing well is everything, because writing well is at the same time perceiving well, thinking well and saying well”.

So, writing is a clever and passionate way of being in this world. Listen to Conrad: “How do I explain to my wife that when I look out of the window I’m working?”.


3. The skills you’re missing to be perfect (no cooking classes, we promise).

Workshops focusing on learning how to apply the rules of storytelling to advertising, marketing and the digital world.

What are you going to study? How to portray a brand name through cross-media, how to choose the right storytelling techniques to portray a brand name or a product or to present your projects, or how to give a speech in the style of TED Conferences.


4. The grammar of storytelling.

Scuola Holden courses designed for companies which are willing to study.

Excursions into specific territories of storytelling featuring our best teachers. Serial, audiovisual, oral, digital and film storytelling paths.


5. Lectio Magistralis Collection.

Keynote Lectures. Great masters. Great storytellers.

A meeting with a Master in storytelling, perhaps somebody you’ve always wanted to meet. You’ll have a chance to attend one of their lectures and have a chat with them.