Four Moves to Sign Up

(The game ended on 30 September 2017)

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Pay attention. This page is intended only for foreign students or for Italian students living abroad who want to enrol in College Storytelling. Otherwise, please refer to this page in Italian.


First move

You fill in the Application Form.

When we receive it, we will send you the test by email.

Second move

You do the entry test.

You have one week’s time to do it.

Take your time, don’t be hasty, but don’t lose time either.


Third move (unforgettable)

Think of something else and wait.

In a week time, you will receive the results of your test.

Then, you will also know if you have been admitted to Scuola Holden and have won a scholarship.

If you haven’t been admitted, sorry, stop here, the game is over (try again next year). If you do have, go celebrate and then step on to the next move.


Fourth move

In seven days’ time, you’ll have to officially register to Scuola Holden.

Remember that the College designed for foreign students is Storytelling. However, you could also choose another College. In order to officially be admitted to Scuola Holden you just have to complete a two thousand euro payment (also within seven days).

That’s it. You can relax for a while.


The first day of school is 18 October 2017.


A suggestion

You’d better make all of your moves fast, without waiting until the last minute.

Why? Because Scuola Holden has 170 places and it would be terribly annoying if you made up your mind when there were no more left. Plus, there are only 20 scholarships this year and, like many other things in life, at some point they may run out too.