Save the Story

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All these things are part of our imagination: the Nautilus, the Lilliputians, “This marriage is not to be performed!”, the infallible swordsman Cyrano (and his nose). But are we sure that children know anything about them? And how many among them would read a book of 400 pages written in 1726?


Save the Story is a mission which takes the shape of a book: saving the literary classics from the oblivion, by making them “digestible” by that generation who has learnt to use touch screen before lipping through the pages of a prehistoric paper book.


Eleven illustrated masterpieces, which are told through new words by great contemporary authors and artists, who have been able to catch even the less hard readers. In collaboration with Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso.


Don JuanSave the Story #1

Don Juan
The story of Don Juan retold by Alessandro Baricco and illustrated by Alessandro Maria Nacar.

I Promessi SposiSave the Story #2

The Betrothed
Umberto Eco retells the story of Renzo and Lucia by Alessandro Manzoni. Illustrations by Marco Lorenzetti.

Cyrano de BergeracSave the Story #3

Cyrano de Bergerac
Stefano Benni retells the story by Edmond Rostand. Illustrations by Miguel Tanco.

Il NasoSave the Story #4

The Nose
The story by Nikolai Gogol retold by Andrea Camilleri and illustrated by Maja Celija.

Delitto e castigoSave the Story #5

Crime and Punishment
Dostoyevsky retold by Abraham Yehoshua. Translated by Alessandra Shomroni and illustrated by Sonja Bougaeva.

GilgameshSave the Story #6

Yiyun Lii tells the story of Gilgamesh. Translated by A.G. Bonazzi, illustrated by Marco Lorenzetti.

AntigoneSave the Story #7

Ali Smith retells the story of Sophocles’ Antigone. Translated by A.G. Bonazzi, illustrated by Laura Paoletti.

GulliverSave the Story #8

Jonathan Coe retells Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift. Illustrated by Sara Oddi.

Capitano NemoSave the Story #9

Captain Nemo
Dave Eggers retells Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. Illustrated by Fabian Negrin.

Re LearSave the Story #10

King Lear
Melania Mazzucco tells the story of King Lear by William Shakespeare. Illustrated by Emanuela Orciari.

La nave dei bambiniSave the Story #11

La nave dei bambini
Mario Vargas Llosa retells Marcel Schwob’s Children’s Crusade. Illustrated by Fabian Negrin.