The Film Garage

Enrollment open to 2017-2018 edition!

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It’s OK to start with a cliché. It’s just not OK to end up with one.

Alfred Hitchcock



The Film Garage is a story development workshop created by Scuola Holden.
The Film Garage is focused on genre movies (thriller, sci-fi, horror, crime, black comedy and road movies) with the aim of helping the participants work on their projects and resolve underlying script problems.
We will select twelve writers’ scripts that suffer from using cliché in an unimaginative way and need an expert eye to work on these problems.

The selected projects will have a full inspection at The Film Garage to check their roadworthiness and prepare them for the road to production.





The Film Garage is designed for professional scriptwriters.


The main goals are:

  • to improve writing skills of the participant;
  • to reinforce stories and scripts of genre films;
  • to enhance the ability to pitch;
  • to create stronger ties with the European film industry;
  • to empower a network of relationships among professional working in the same film genre field.





There will be five sessions.


  1. First session: December 15-17, 2017 – Turin. A three-day meeting focusing on the projects in the workshop. During this session all the participants will work on the projects divided into three different groups coordinated by the tutors: Alberto Marini and Guillermo Tato for horrors and sci-fi, Luke Schiller for thriller and crime stories, Lucian Georgescu for black comedies and road movies. In this session the tutors will advise the participants on the target audience of their projects, address the weak aspects of the story and strengthen the script’s potential.
  2. Online sessions. The participants will work on the development of their script, with online support via Skype and email.
  3. Intermediate session: March, 16-18, 2018 – Turin. The participants will meet the tutors in three days of intensive story editing.
  4. Online sessions. The participants will work on the development of their treatment, with online support via Skype and email.
  5. Final presentation: May 31 – June 2, 2018 – Cluj-Napoca (Romania). In the final session, participants will attend a training pitching and present their projects in front of a panel of carefully selected genre producers, during the Transilvania International Film Festival.



For more information:


Project Manager

Simone Fenoil

tel +39 011 66 32 812

mob +39 3470067523


Project Promotion

Maddalena Longhi