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Storytelling & Performing Arts: the school

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Scuola Holden is in Turin. It lasts two years, has 170 places and costs 10,000 euros a year (but if you sign up in College Storytelling, it costs 8,000 euros a year). At the moment Scuola Holden is providing 20 scholarships and 45 loans with honours (please note: loans with honours will not be provided to international students nor to italian students who sign up in College Storytelling). Courses are in Italian and in English and students must be aged between 18 and 30.


There are seven main subjects which are taught at Scuola Holden: company portraying and projecting, cinema, digital storytelling, journalism, serial storytelling, television, and writing.





The point is how the subjects are studied. Or better yet, the way they’re taught here at Scuola Holden.


We are convinced that there are no limits when it comes to writing books, making films, designing videogames or managing a company’s social networks. The action you do is always the same: you tell stories. So therefore, what is taught at Scuola Holden is, above all, storytelling.


Basically this means that a student from College Cinema will spend lots of time studying other forms of storytelling, like TV shows or books. Somebody who wants to become a journalist will have to learn how to take photos or write a film screenplay. Somebody who wants to create a TV series had better study novels and political storytelling. Then, of course, there are the techniques specific for the job they’d like to do when they grow up to be learnt. But at Scuola Holden, unlike what happens in many other schools, this only takes half of the time. The rest of it is focused on training storytellers.


We’ve been doing this for over twenty years with the single idea of giving students an amazing experience to live, something which may lead them to doing an amazing job.





There are no teacher’s desks, departments or exams at Scuola Holden. Here teaching is divided into four parts.



Holden Start

The first two weeks of lessons. A “taster” of all storytelling techniques, just so you don’t get too fond of your own one.






At Scuola Holden half of students’ time is spent on learning how to do their dreamjob once they leave school.





Gettoni (Tokens)

The name is a tribute to the legendary book series designed by Calvino and Vittorini. Practically this part is not about publishing books but nearly. Gettoni (Tokens) are didactic experiences that put students into contact with different professional realities.




“Off Track” Classes

A journey without a hitch or deviations is not a journey. So sometimes there will be small “derailments from the original College path” but that’s an extra opportunity to be trained to broaden one’s view.





And then?


At the end of the two school years, there is no final exam to graduate. But students do receive a diploma (unless they’ve spent both of the two years at the bar instead of going to class!) For over twenty years, this diploma has been acknowledged in all working storytelling environments, TV, the radio, cinema, theatre and advertising. It’s always been a business card which allows whoever has it in their pocket to present themselves as a professional storyteller with the acknowledgment they deserve.


In addition, at the end of the two school year we give each student the opportunity to go up on stage and present their best project to an audience of film directors, producers, publishers and enterpreneurs, who if everything goes well, might be your future employer. We have named this opportunity Opening Doors because it’s a bit like opening doors to our (by this point ex) students and watching them take their first steps into a professional world.



Then if you want to know what our students have achieved after leaving Scuola Holden, go peek into the Alumni page.


For more info, please write to We will answer as soon as possible.