Writing Coach

How to get your novels and screenplays back on their feet

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Do you have a novel on the back burner that is missing an ending? Have you had a brilliant idea for a script or a screenplay but you just can’t make it work?

When words get stuck and your friends’ advice is not enough to sort out the chaos you have in your head, perhaps it’s about time you asked for help!

To whom? To the experts of Writing Coach, good trainers who can get your ideas back on their feet. This is the best way to pick up the threads of the speech by working face to face with people who know what they’re doing when it comes to writing.


Our Coaches will read your work and write an assessment report or they will opt for a real editing. They will help you plan your work and outline your project better.

Oh right, you don’t even need to come to Turin. You and your Coach can work together online.


How does it work?

Send us your manuscript (it must be a Word document, maximum 300 pages). Pay attention: 1 page = 260 words, more or less.

You’ll receive instructions on how to disentangle the threads of your story; you can ask for a reading report or, if you need extra help, you can ask an editing of the first 30 pages of your work. You will have also 5 hours of meetings which you’ll be completely free to organize by making appointments with your Coach.


Cost: 950 euros


More info and contacts:

classify@scuolaholden.it | +39 011 6632812