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May 26th – 30th: Discovering the Land of Wine


Our journey goes on towards the heart of Piedmont, in the Langhe Region, which has just been inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage list in 2014. Before arriving, you’ll have to stop – a nearly inevitable stop for wine lovers – at the Martini & Rossi museum and factory, which has been producing the most famous vermouth in the world since 1863.


Daily workshops on writing with Stephen Amidon will continue in the Fontanafredda Estate, which once belonged to the royal family and which keeps on conserving the traces of its noble past – the hunting lodge, the village, the great cellars, the vineyards.


You’ll stay at the Foresteria delle Vigne at the Villa Contessa Rosa, within the Estate; you’ll be able to stroll in the Bosco dei Pensieri (Wood of Thoughts), to rest by the lake, to taste the simple and informal food of the Osteria Disguido, as well as the traditional, seasonal cuisine of the gourmet restaurant Guido.


Visits will go ahead in the surrounding villages and museums, and there will be wine tastings, cellar visiting, cooking classes and hill hiking.


You’ll spend an entire day visiting Barolo, birthplace of one of the most prestigious wines in the world. You’ll walk through the vineyards on the hills, you’ll stop by the Wine Museum in the Falletti di Barolo Castle and you’ll end your visit with a wine tasting at the Cantina Borgogno.


It’ll be lovely to walk around Alba and its historical centre during the guided tour of the city: together with an archaeologist you’ll admire the roman and medieval ruins which were unexplored till recently and which lay in the underground, just a few meters under your feet. At the farmer market you’ll be able to buy typical products of the area, such as the refined white truffles of Alba, and you’ll be able to enjoy some typical dishes of the regional cuisine in the city restaurants.


You’ll have a bicycle trip in La Morra, a village full of history, where you’ll admire the church and buildings of the XVII century as well as the medieval walls and roman ruins. You’ll reach the Agriturismo La Morra Brandini for a cookery lesson in which you’ll come to know the secrets of some treats of Piedmont, such as the agnolotti.


You’ll love two characters who have marked the artistic and literary history of the Langhe in the ’50s and ’60s: the writer and partisan Beppe Fenoglio and the painter Pinot Gallizio. On the paths of Fenoglio’s beloved hills, near the town of Mango, you’ll listen to the writer’s words, in which he recalls the partisan Resistance of which he has been protagonist in World War II. He has been able to talk about his motherland and of his passion for his land better than any other.


At the end of the journey you’ll have finished to write your story, but you’ll have other pages to add. Now that you’ll have learnt how a writer works, we are sure that the stories you’ll have met along the road and the souvenir of your days in Turin and in the Langhe will give you the right inspiration to keep on writing.


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