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May 21st – 25th: Following Your Senses in Turin


Scuola Holden was founded in 1994 by Alessandro Baricco and is a school of Storytelling & Performing Arts. It’s a place where if you have a story to tell, you can learn how to do it. On the day of your arrival, Stephen Amidon will head you for an exploration tour of the Scuola, which is located in one of the liveliest area of the city, close to the historical centre.


From May 21 to 25, morning lessons will focus on the discovery of the five senses in the most fascinating places of the city: the Mole Antonelliana, which hosts the Museo Nazionale del Cinema, where Michel Reilhac will make you rediscover the sense of Sight; the Teatro Regio, Torino’s main opera house and opera company which is located in Piazza Castello, the central baroque square of the city: here you’ll be able to attend Nicola Tescari’s lesson on Hearing and music. At Scuola Holden, Alessandro Avataneo will invite you to explore the sense of Smell; at the Jack Emerson fashion house, which has meant class, elegance and style for more than 50 years in Turin, Glauco Della Sciucca will teach you to experience the sense of Touch in a creative way. Eventually, you’ll end this journey through the five senses with Luca Scarlini by visiting the first location of Eataly, which since 2007 have been spreading Italian wine and food quality around the world. We couldn’t find a better place for a lesson on Taste!


Afternoon lessons will take place at Scuola Holden with Stephen Amidon, the award-winning author of Human Capital. In the classrooms of the former Caserma Cavalli, which has been completely restored, you’ll find the right atmosphere to write and start your own story.


There will be lunches and dinners in the most typical restaurants and bars of the city and you’ll be able to spend your free time going shopping and visiting museums and exhibitions.


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