On the surface it is a degree program in Writing, the only one in Europe. But that’s not all. The goal is to train, through the gesture of writing, the mental abilities that serve to inhabit and change the world of today.

Academy lasts for three years but 2020/2021 will be a special one, an anomaly if you like. You will study the craft of writing as an artisan would, learning the necessary skills to live and work in the present day by thinking differently. We shall meet in class, online, in the park or in a museum; we will have to move quickly and not stop but always look to take advantage of new learning situations and changes at the same time.

The abilities needed to achieve this have been grouped into seven Disciplines: Harmony, Thinking Design, Patterns, Instability, Intensity, Languages, Sequences.

At the Holden we master these Disciplines by perfecting the gesture of writing (which contains them all) and take anything from the humanistic tradition that can help us learn faster. Which is why we also study Palladio, Shakespeare’s English, Mozart, Greta Thunberg, Federer’s tennis and Florence and the Machine.


18 – 30









EURO – 1st YEAR .



How to match things properly


How to structure thoughts and reality


How to connect the dots


How to adapt to an ever-changing world


How to generate and release energy


How to survive in other linguistic systems


How to map a mutation across time

At the end of the three years.

At the end of the three years you will obtain a diploma comparable to a degree in a Discipline of the visual arts, music, entertainment and fashion. In fact, we are the only place in Europe where you can earn a degree in writing.

For the first time in the history of Scuola Holden there will be examinations, albeit not of the same kind as those for a mainstream university.

There is a yearly exam that covers everything that has been done. It lasts one week. Those who pass it go forward. Those who do not pass go home.

Those who reach the end receive a diploma that is equivalent to a three-year degree like Bologna’s Dams.

Due to the fact that next year will be a special one, we have reduced the first year fee by 20%.

The 2020/2021 Academy therefore, will cost 8,000 euros – this also applies to second year students.

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