Turin is a beautiful city: the Mole, the porticoes to escape the rain, the chocolate, the hills, the Po and the king’s palace. The sea is the only thing that’s missing; then it really would be perfect.

But who is to say that Turin doesn’t have the sea? Here at Fronte del Borgo we have an entire galleon with which to set out on adventures and conquer distant homework assignments.

Every day, at 5 pm, our activities begin.

Throughout the year you can choose to come on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays, depending on the available places; whilst fifth year children can also do Thursdays. We study and play together, have fun writing and watching videos. We experiment with all the different ways to tell stories and set our wildest imaginations free.

Every now and then on Fridays we do themed workshops — no homework here! We will let you know the agenda in advance so we can organise your booking.

Valentina will be your boatswain, the ship’s officer who oversees the voyage and manages all of the Holden volunteers, who in turn take care of the crew. The volunteers are all specially selected and trained by Merende Selvagge so you will be in good hands.

Michele, the Galleon Rear Admiral, will watch over everyone onboard. It is his job to make sure that no one loses their compass.

And what about the crew? It will be all you kids of course!

All you have to do is bring your notebook and want to discover new things while having fun with others. Don’t be afraid of maths monsters, spelling sharks and cursive crocodiles; we will defeat them together if they cross our path.

All aboard the Galleon at Fronte del Borgo! There is a place for everyone!


Here’s what you need to know

What time?

From 5 pm to 6 pm

For who?

Children, pirates and buccaneers
(aged 6-10)

How much is it?

Nothing, it’s free

Obligatory booking

Send us an email with your phone number. We will then contact you to organise your time


Obligatory booking!