Learning is an experience. Everything else is just information.

Albert Einstein

Learning should simply be a feeling and a way of discovering worlds (through your teachers and classmates) that would perhaps be unreachable by yourself. Scuola Holden is a place where this can happen.

Therefore, when we talk about our educational courses for companies and professionals, you must always consider that everything is hinged around the people in the classroom. Obviously, there is content to be realised and objectives to be met but the courses are most importantly about the people; both in live and virtual classes.

Our job is to accompany them, giving out tools and maps along the way but it is their task to find the best way to reach their goal, to devise their new content and to solve the problems that they face. There are no predetermined paths to follow but what we do lies with broadening the spectrum, asking new questions and sparking creativity.

Scuola Holden was born out of idea – to create a school from which not even Holden Caulfield (the deliberate anti-scholar) would have been expelled. A school in which by watching and learning from the masters, your dreams are realised as true, life long professions.

But this is also the school that Holden would like to return to once he’s grown up – as many times as he might like. This is what Corporate Storytelling does; it holds the door open to all Holden Caulfields who want to develop as professionals in the company of others. Indeed, all they need to remember is the special value of human experience.

Any doubts?