Crazy Original runs for a year and costs 6,000 euro.

Foreign students cannot apply for loans but there are scholarships available.


Two 2,000 euro scholarships are available.

What are they paid towards?

If you are successful, your fee will be reduced to 4,000 euro.

How are they assigned?

The Holden assigns the scholarships based on their assessment of the admission tests. For this reason, try to do the best you can at this stage.

How to pay

Everyone pays a deposit of 1,000 euro upon registration – including scholarship winners.

The remainder of the fee is to be paid in instalments; the Secretary will send you all of the relevant information, forms and deadlines.


What happens if you are already enrolled onto the second year of Original College International 2019/2021?

Well, you will receive a 20% discount on your fee, so your second year will cost 8,000 euro.

The awarded scholarships will obviously still apply.

Again, the Secretary will send you all of updated information, forms and deadlines.

Any doubts?

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