Crazy Original is the new way in which you can learn as much as possible in a short year. It will be a rather surprising and unrepeatable experience for this very reason.

The first thing to know is that you have to pass an admission test and second, that there is no age limit. The third thing to know is that all the courses are taught in Italian (unfortunately, no special enrollments for foreign students are planned in 2020/2021).

Crazy Original does not have Colleges: instead of having classes dedicated to specific areas of narration, we have concentrated all the best onto a unique course, in order to get the most out of them in the time we have.

We will include a range of different fields, training methods and techniques: from writing to cinema, serials to TV formats, comics to documentaries and from reporting to video games. We will have an ear for everything, search for every possible angle and not miss anything along the way.

The classes will be small, ten people at the most. A teacher will manage each class and pay close attention to his/her students’ work. The lessons will not be run by just him or her; you will have many other teachers and working professionals from various sectors of the narrative field. Such a broad spectrum of tutelage will allow you to experiment with all forms of storytelling.




+ 18





A new way to experience learning.

We will quickly adapt to any new situations that present themselves. If there is a lesson in the park, then we’ll go to the park. If we can meet in class, we’ll be at school; if we have to stay at home then we’ll meet online; if there are lessons in a mountain retreat then we shall walk up there. You will never be simply waiting for the next video call at home because we’ll always find a new and unexpected way for you to experience learning.

Now because we’ll have to concentrate everything that we know best into a year, wasting time with organising transfers and waiting for latecomers will not be on the agenda; a fair amount of promptness will be required, as well as being within easy reach at all times. Studying at the Holden is a full time commitment; your presence here is mandatory and above all else, essential. If for any reason it will be difficult for you to stay in Turin (or at least be able to come in frequently and at short notice) then perhaps you should take a look here, or here.

Crazy Original costs 6,000 euro.

There are thirty 5,000 euro loans up for grabs and will be given to the first thirty people who declare a need for one; if this is your case, then please take the admissions test as soon as possible.

If we had to summarise all of this in a few words; a year like this will never happen again in Scuola Holden’s history.

What about in yours?

Any doubts?

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