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Can I enrol if I’m thirty seven?2020-02-28T18:15:27+01:00

No, unfortunately.

Do I need a degree or a diploma?2020-02-28T18:15:59+01:00

No, no particular qualifications are required.

Can I enrol to any College other than the International if I’m foreign?2020-02-29T17:29:42+01:00

Yes, sure, but you have to be a European citizen (to be able to attend classes for the whole year) and also know Italian as well as a native speaker would. If you can’t speak much Italian or come from a non-European country then the College International is the one for you.

Is attendance obligatory?2020-02-28T18:17:55+01:00

Yes. The courses are intensive.

How many hours of lessons are there every day?2020-02-28T18:18:40+01:00

It depends. There will be periods in which you’d have lessons all day and there could also be a show or a concert during the evening. Other times however, you would come in to study with your classmates or simply because you fancy it. The Holden will become a bit like your second home.

Does the Holden have any student residences, like the American colleges?2020-02-28T18:19:23+01:00

No. Let’s not go overboard, it will just feel like a second home.

Could you help me find a place in Turin?2020-02-28T18:20:06+01:00

Yes, we have a list of houses, hostels and hotels that would be useful in the short term whilst you look for something more settled.

I come from a long way away and it would be my first time living alone. Would I be able to handle it?2020-02-28T18:20:53+01:00

Sure you could. First of all, you would not be alone. We are here for you and the second year students have lots of tips for the newbies.

Turin is a city that you can easily get used to and find your way around in every sense; in fact, the streets are set out like a big chessboard. If there is one thing that the Piedmontese know how to do, then it’s how to put their cities in order.

When does school start?2020-02-28T18:21:33+01:00

For those enrolled at the International, the first day is 28th September 2020. Start getting your schoolbag ready!

When do lessons finish?2020-02-28T18:22:11+01:00

Pardon?! You haven’t even started yet and you’re already tired? We would say that school more or less finishes in June.

Is it true that there are exams this year?2020-02-28T18:22:54+01:00

Not in the traditional sense. Original College students will however have to come in to do tests and project presentations quite frequently.

What is Opening Doors?2020-02-28T18:23:30+01:00

Opening Doors is only accessible to Original students and lasts for three days. They’ll have the chance to present their best project to a range of professional collaborators. Each student has a few minutes to convince the audience that their idea is the best bet and the one worth pursuing.

Do all Original students participate in Opening Doors?2020-02-28T18:24:05+01:00

No, only those who have more than seventy percent attendance and a ready structured project can take part. Audiences include: directors, cinema and theatre producers, editors, agents, business owners, festival directors and curators.

Are there any scholarships?2020-02-28T18:24:56+01:00

Two annual 5,000 euro scholarships are awarded to foreign students. They are assigned on the results of the entrance test.

How can I take out a loan?2020-02-28T18:25:44+01:00

If you are foreign, you will only have access to the scholarships.

Is there an admission test?2020-02-29T17:31:13+01:00

Yes: it’s the second step you have to take in order to enrol. The first is to fill in the Application Form. We will send you the test by email and then you have a week to send us your answers.

No need to panic: you don’t have to study anything beforehand. If you are a bookish type, a film buff or a social butterfly and endlessly curious, you will be fine; we are more interested in how you see the world.

Do I have to come to Turin to take the test?2020-02-28T18:27:35+01:00

No, anyone who is resident abroad can do the test via email.

Is there an interview as well as a test?2020-02-28T18:28:12+01:00

Yes, but they are brief and function as a ‘get to know each other better’ exercise. If you’re doing the test from abroad we can run it via Skype.

I didn’t pass the test: can I re-take it?2020-02-28T18:28:43+01:00

Unfortunately not. You have to wait until next year.

But can’t the same things be studied at university?2020-02-28T18:29:24+01:00

Perhaps, but it would be a bit like being taught how to cook by a food critic instead of a chef. Our small classes (an average of 21) also make the difference. There will be lessons with everyone, as in the case of Holden Start but you will also have one to one lessons with a teacher.

Are the International lessons all in English?2020-02-28T18:30:11+01:00

Yes, you will study with Italian or international professionals and the lessons will be in English. Moreover, as you will be from different countries, you will need it as a common language with classmates and also with which to write your work.

When will I know if I have been selected?2020-02-28T18:31:02+01:00

One week after you submit the test. You will then have another week to decide if you want to enrol.

So what do people do after studying at the Holden?2020-02-28T18:39:35+01:00

One of the many jobs to do with narration: there are the classic areas such as journalism or the more modern options, such as writing web content or taking care of a company’s social media. In truth, it’s not all that easy to answer this because of the range of possibilities. If you’d like to find out more about what some of our students have gone on to do, then take a look at the Alumni page.

Will I have a diploma at the end?2020-02-28T18:32:54+01:00

Yes. Once school is over you will have a diploma that has been recognised by literary sector professionals since 1994. It allows our graduates to excel in television, editing, cinema and theatre, publicity and radio.

How much does it cost?2020-02-28T18:37:39+01:00

The Holden costs 10,000 euro per year. You can find all the information on fees and scholarships by clicking here.

I’m seventeen, can I enrol?2020-02-28T18:41:58+01:00

Unfortunately not. You have to be at least eighteen (and no more than thirty) when courses start; this year’s date being 28th September.

Any doubts?