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Ok guys, this is a blues with riff in B, watch me for the changes and try to keep up, ok?


What’s in our General Store? Short answer: a lot of things.

The difference being that we ask you the questions.

If you answer honestly and sincerely, you will find yourself on the right course for you. Exactly where you want to be.

Do you want to study in Turin?2021-04-09T17:08:59+02:00

If you live in the city or merely pass by our school in your free time, we have Writing and Storytelling courses, Cinema & Screenwriting workshops and others (regarding more narrative techniques). The courses can be long or short, from two weekends to fifteen evenings. Beginners are more than welcome so don’t worry and there are more advanced courses for those with prior experience. There is no age limit.

What if you want to study online, or in your town?2021-04-09T17:15:19+02:00

If you’d prefer to study on your sofa (so no one sees those horrible slippers you like to wear) then there are online courses available to you. Playbook lessons are on the fundamentals of writing where you can watch helpful videos. There are neither meetings with the teacher or homework. In Classi-fy however, you will be part of a class but on an online platform; here you can do the same but also upload your homework and discuss your writing (animal slippers optional).

Sometimes the Holden moves to different place. Ok, so we don’t uproot the building and go elsewhere but more simply we organise courses in one off locations (we have been on a sailboat and in alpine cabins) but we also feel at home in any library.

Have you got a project in the pipeline?2021-04-09T17:09:30+02:00

Maybe you’re looking for the right suggestions on that unfinished script that’s been lying in your drawer for ages. What you need is a Writing Coach.

Perhaps you have a load of ideas, some crazy and off the wall but you know that they’re good. What you need is the chance to get them to the right people: or someone who has the tools to make them happen. Choose a Training Camp: you focus on a specific narration style (board games, comics, TV scriptwriting, children’s books etc) and complete your project with the help of a tutor. Once it’s done you can present it to a panel of industry professionals and get the chance to produce it.

Are you a teacher, a tutor or a parent looking for ideas?2021-04-09T17:06:56+02:00

Scuola Holden has a wealth of teaching methods that anyone involved in education can learn and put into practice. We organise workshops specifically for teachers or students. On some courses we can work together and instantly try out what we learn. We can do them in Turin or –listen up!- we can come to your school directly!

Do you want to narrow it down to something more precise?2021-04-09T17:08:32+02:00

For those who work or study within a specific area and want to specialise, we organise advanced courses in collaboration with other institutions and industry experts.

At the moment there are two: firstly, Food & Wine Experience Design, a dedicated culinary course with Gambero Rosso. The second being our Stop-Motion workshop with Stefano Bessoni which covers all aspects from character design to video animation.


Our courses: coming soon.

Any doubts?

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