The name “Gettoni” (Tokens) is in homage to the legendary editorial series conceived by the Italian writers Italo Calvino and Elio Vittorini.

They are special projects which run alongside the usual College courses for limited periods. Sometimes we work with an external client who has asked to collaborate with Holden students; the aim being to realise something new. In other cases it is the school that proposes things to a few selected students.

The Tokens are not freely available however and have to be won. So how do you play? From time to time we do an open call, a general call to arms that anyone can enter. Whoever wins can join the group.

There are two types of Token:

  • The School Token applies to the Original and the Academy.
    Some examples perhaps? Participate in a literary translation workshop or a digital ethnography study, attend a seminar by a Nobel Prize winner or have the chance to interview a world renowned reporter or TV series creator.
  • The Work Token can only be won by Original students.
    Shooting an advert, managing the social networks for a festival, being part of a project with a production company or editor, realising a new radio format; these are just some of the things you could do.

Participating in the Tokens project allows you to gain different experiences of how to work with a client in the truest sense of the word. You could also fall in love with something unexpected or make contacts that could help you later in professional life.

Recently we have collaborated with Rai Cinema, Giorgio Armani, IKEA, TIM, Prada, Radio Deejay, History Channel and Book Pride festival, to name but a few.

For the Original students, their experiences with the world of work culminate during Opening Doors: the pitch days in which graduates present their best project ideas to a professional panel. To find out more about Opening Doors, take a look here.

Not only that: Talent Hub deals with enabling the right connections between our graduates and companies looking for collaborators.