Over 30 is the Scuola Holden for those over 30 and has always had a passion for stories. It is a path for those who have grown up doing something else and are now eager to get back into the game.











There are two Colleges: Storytelling. Learn to recount yourself and the world and Writing. Short Story, Novel & Everything else. When enrolling, choose the class in which you’ll make your journey. Lessons begin in Autumn (October to May) or Spring (April to December), and last eight weekends in all.

In the chair you’ll find writers, directors, screenwriters, digital strategists and story editors: all people who work with stories and do it as a profession, and who will give you the right coordinates to find your way in the vast world of storytelling.

You’ll be in a class that looks more like a lab than a classroom, and you’ll really experiment whether what you say in class makes your stories work.

Over 30 is the place for you if, after a life spent among numbers, you now think you deserve a bit of words. If you’re looking for a starting point to take back the dreams you had left in a drawer and, above all, if you no longer want to have drawers in which to lock up dreams; if you want to mess up your ideas, lose direction and, finally find your way.


Once a course finishes you choose from two of four Tracks: The Hand, The Conflict, Figures and The Voice. Each of these lasts an additional four weekends; they refine what you have learnt and give you a deeper understanding of new writing tools right up to the very crux of how stories develop.

And for those who want to continue?

Don’t panic, the journey is not over: you can enrol in the second year, and follow a more focused course of study. Slowly you will have more and more detailed maps, gain experience and complete new projects, holding on firmly to the dreams and aspirations that have guided you this far. As long as the world of storytelling is a familiar place, in which you know how to move, even on your own.

Any doubts?