Holden Start

For the first days, all Academy and Original students stay in the same class (at least during class hours).

A series of great Masters, who come from diverse worlds of experience, are presented before them. These first days are collectively called Holden Start and the lessons cover a general overview of narrative techniques, so as not to leave you too much to your own devices or favourites. A bit like our version of Woodstock.

During Holden Start, the best professionals from the worlds of cinema, theatre, music, digital storytelling, TV, radio, journalism and photography all come to speak: directors, writers, rock stars, reporters, football coaches… are you thinking of Bruce Springsteen or someone like that? Well, even if it won’t be him in person, you won’t be far off.

Their role is to talk about everything that they know and what it’s like to be working in such a job. We start the school year like this in order to give you an immediate impression of what it means to become a storyteller today. We also hope to spark off some passions and ideas that burn bright and true.