Whatever comes out of Holden Studios, you can recognise it because you only have to be where it is to change some of the world around it.

A trampoline in the silence of an empty room, a phrase that is impossible to get out of your head, a very distant voice and ear you can reach, a story and the extraordinary fact that a screen, whether huge or pocket-sized, can contain it all. Whatever it is, if it tries to change a bit of the world, it comes from Holden Studios: an instrument with another idea of humanity inside it.

Lots of people try and change human nature but it’s a real waste of time. You can’t change human nature, but you can change tools, you can change techniques. And that way you can change civilization.


To give more space to the things we meet, to people, we thought it was enough to change the rules of the game: instead we have understood that it is more effective and inspiring to change the game.
To do this, we create instruments of five different kinds. But if tomorrow you come to us with a question that we do not expect, who knows whether we will not invent another brand new kind, just for you.
Welcome to Holden Studios.


A mountain, a museum that still does not exist, a forgotten theatre. There are places, horizons and things which, in order to become a memorable story, need a storytelling design. Deciding from where to contemplate a mountain and how to restore the sacredness of its silence, how comfortable the chairs should be in the stalls of a theatre that reopens, what colour the wall of a museum should have and what to write on it is like finding the right words for a story. Actually, it is storytelling design.


Perhaps you want to be looked at by different eyes before choosing which path to take, or maybe you are just curious: in any case, if you ask us, we will come and have a chat with you. To study you from close up and understand how you are made, what pace you have, when you feel at ease and when, if at all, uncomfortable. Whether you are a company or an entire city, we take a snapshot of you. Just that everything can come out of the camera: atlases that place you in the world, apps, strategies for moving more easily offline or online, emotional maps, books or comics. In short, selfies that recount your identity, but made in our own way.


Stories that who knows where they are, but which make sure to come and see you. Or to be found. Stories so small as to fit in your pocket, inside the phone, or so big as to fill a big screen. Stories to listen to and listen to again in the beautiful solitude of a pair of earphones, about which to be nostalgic, about which to go crazy. These are the stories we write and produce for cinema, radio or television, or that we release into the immense digital universe so that they leave a trail of light, comets that the eye cannot but follow.


These are the stories with which to spend some time cheek to cheek. For a few minutes, for two hours or for three days. In a square, a forest, an arena, a disused factory, on a ship in the middle of the sea: wherever people can gather in search of that thrill, the vertigo of the physical presence of a story. It is an instinct that is part of us humans, that of gathering around the fire and letting ourselves be warmed by a voice, by a body that recounts. These are stories we tell with voice and body, live.


Every so often, we transfer the things we understand about storytelling into certain objects. We like to imagine these objects as traces we leave around and which, if run into, can be followed to find out where they lead. But we also like to imagine these objects as real tracks of a playlist that Holden has been creating for twenty-five years: it’s a playlist of the stories we tell because – and it’s been like this forever – by telling them we become more human.

POP – Palladio Olimpico Project
Cultural heritage need not be preserved. We should use them.
We decided to make the Olympic Theatre in Vicenza a spectacular experience. How? By telling the story of the world’s oldest theatre in a memorable narrative path.
#Storytelling Design

Skyway Monte Bianco
Narrating the lowest point in the sky.
A cableway like no other, the Monte Bianco, and that feeling small in the great silence of the 3,466 metres of altitude. When we got off, we had the desire to narrate Skyway and the mountain that houses it in a museum (and not only).
#Storytelling Design

Baricco legge Novecento
Do not act, do not explain, do not become a character. Read a text. Novecento.
“I had been harbouring this idea for some time of me trying, once, to read Novecento in theatres. I thought that going back to the original voice could be something interesting. A way of listening to that music with the sound I had imagined for it.” A.B.

La Seconda Luna
Scuola Holden when it lands on secondary school desks.
We imagined the anthology we would have wanted to have when we went to school. And then we did it for real: now a whole load of first and second year secondary school students, all over Italy, are studying it and having fun.
#Tracks (& Playlist)

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