Opening Doors is an event designed for professionals who work within publishing, TV production, cinema and IT who need new stories and ideas.

Opening Doors takes place at Scuola Holden and lasts for three days. Here’s how it works.

Holden Original students work for two years on a whole host of projects. During Opening Doors they have the chance to present their best to a professional panel.

Individually or in groups, the students have a maximum of five minutes to pitch their ideas on the General Store stage.

The goal is to bring young graduates into contact with those who might be interested in investing in their talent, or those simply looking for collaborators — they could be anyone from a production company, editing or publishing house etc.

It’s time to step out.

As the name suggests, it’s time to step out on your own. In 2020 Opening Doors will take place on 13th, 14th and 15th October.

Each day is dedicated to a different topic: it starts with stories for cinema and TV, then onto novels, short stories, essays and investigative reporting; eventually reaching brand ideas, communications and cross media projects.

After listening to the students, the professionals meet which those that they liked face to face. This is the moment that we always expect something surprising to happen. Real world encounters are what make professionals and lead, in many cases, to something entirely unexpected.


Opening Doors is an event designed for company professionals who work within publishing, TV production, cinema and IT. Here they have the opportunity to meet with graduates who have studied at Holden Original and listen to their best project ideas.

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