Costs and Scholarships

Original 2021/2023

Holden Original costs 10,000 euros per year.

Foreign students cannot access loans, but two scholarships are available. They are awarded to successful applicants based on the online admission test results.


Scuola Holden awards two 5,000 euro scholarships to particularly deserving foreign students for each year of their course (10,000 for two years).

The decision will be made according to the test results and we will let you know if you have won when we send back your results. Remember that you can take the test any time up until 30th September 2021.


When it comes to the enrolment, everyone (including scholarship winners) pays a 2,000 euro deposit.

After enrolling, you can choose to pay the remaining tuition fee in one of the following ways:

  • “Everything-and-Now”
    You pay for the first year’s tuition all at once (the second year can be paid at a later date).
    Please Note: Those who take the admission test between April and June will receive a 5% discount on both years.
  • Instalments
    The installment due dates change according to when you took the admission test (all of this information will be provided).
  • Scholarship winners
    You adhere to the installment dates as written in your contract with the School.

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