Our spaces

The Holden can be found at the Caserma Cavalli in Borgo Dora: where weapons and ammunition were once made for the army, is now a place where tomorrow’s storytellers learn their craft. Those who take a closer look will discover that there are two active cranes still inside, there is also a wall safe that Mr Scrooge would have been proud of and under the portico lie the remains of artillery shell cases.

Today they are oddly fascinating despite the fact that they testify to a disturbing military past. As the days pass however, we place that history further to one side, putting the beauty of the place towards the service of something useful, collective and humane.

General Store

It’s the only space where we can all fit inside, if we squeeze in a bit. The theatre was designed by Dante Ferretti and has the feel of a cross between a post-industrial auditorium, a stage put together by Jules Verne, a loft of a ruined billionaire and the place where you’ve always dreamed of playing the sax or getting married. It is also frequently used for press conferences, meetings, summits and other more interesting things.


Oh gosh, we’re so good-looking

Do you want to come visit?

If you want to take a guided tour of the Holden, write us an email, and we’ll work out the details. If you want to organize an event here instead, feel free to write to Maurizia.