Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive.


A lot has changed very quickly and now it’s about finding the right course in this perfect storm. We could diligently wait and be disheartened by only hearing occasional news about our return to normality but we have no such patience.

So here is what will happen and what we are going to do.


1. The year to come will be an unstable one, in which many things will change and almost nothing of what we did before will remain the same.

2. Imagine the economy as it is during war, very little money will circulate this year but at least we will not have the bombs.

3. It will take at least a year to restore some semblance of order to our community. There is no doubt that our world will have to be redesigned, or more simply, make decided change to our way of life, habits and priorities. A regressive world can be made just as easily as a progressive one. It depends entirely on us.


1. Physical presence, sensations, emotions, proximity, non verbal communication, down time, faces and laughter count for a lot at our school. Indeed, the colour of the walls, the light in the classroom or the types of trees that we chose for the courtyard are also important. This is our way of believing in humanism but also actively practicing and teaching it.

2. For this reason, simply transferring the lessons online could never be enough. For sure, virtual classes help us, fascinate us and amuse us even, but it’s not the way forward for us. Better to say it now than delude oneself.

3. If you decide to learn like this then it won’t be your lucky year.

4. However, no one here has resigned themselves to a year of purgatory. It might not be a lucky year but it will be special in a way that we decide.

5. Let’s put it this way, we are going to spend a year on the open sea. Everything that isn’t necessary gets left ashore. We will be in a continued state of flux, without rules, chasing the right winds.

6. We are going to therefore, create the Scuola Holden Special Edition. It will only last a year, will not be repeated and be different from any other; organised chaos in the year of the great storm.

Scuola Holden Special Edition 2020/21

The three basic principles of its design are:

adapt ourselves to the situation with utmost flexibility;

keep everything as physical as possible;

ensure that it’s the cheapest Holden ever.

In practice it means this:

  • Original will be called Crazy Original. It will be a one off edition, it will last only a year and will not have Colleges. We are going to form classes of ten students at the very most. Each class will have a teacher and will study every form of storytelling. It will cost 6,000 euro.
  • A reinvention of everything to ensure that Academy students grow and mature as expected. This year should render our students stronger and better directed. In order to reduce distance we are going to reorganise ourselves into smaller classes and use all the available technology. In doing so, the overall loss of physicality will be greatly reduced.
  • In addition to the Crazy Original special tuition, we will lower the costs for all Academy and Original students by 20%.
  • First year enrolment onto the Over 30 course will cost 500 euro less.
  • The Fronte del Borgo crew has no intention of abandoning you, least of all now. The crew has revolutionised all of its children’s and teacher activities and continues to invent new ways of playing, studying and letting your imagination run wild.
  • This is the moment to release pent up energy, let the creative juices flow and to imagine things that until recently seemed risky or even impossible. Studios has what you need to realise your ideas, given that that was indeed its original intention.

The world will come to be different and this is a huge chance to make it better: we will do our part.

It will take audacity, imagination and a bit of luck to be a part of this adventure; just the right blend of moral qualities and lightless that we adore in these parts.

Any doubts?